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Benefits of UK Citizenship

There are many benefits of having UK citizenship, a lot of people around the world dream of getting their hands on a UK passport! This is because there are many advantages of being a UK citizen, such as medical care, laws, freedom and much more! Shared below are benefits of holding UK citizenship.

The Right To Live In The UK Permanently

Once you have a UK passport, you are allowed to live in the UK permanently, this includes you being able to own property, get married and also work here.

Free Medical Care With The NHS

Another benefit of being a UK citizen is having access to free medical care with the NHS! This is a major advantage of living in the UK, some other countries you would have to pay for medical care and you can also get health insurance too. This would cost a hefty amount, hence the free medical care is a huge benefit! The NHS is public healthcare in the UK, there is also private medical care which would have to be paid for.

The Right To Vote In Elections

Living in the UK means that you have a voice! As it is a democratic country, your vote makes a difference in every election. Once you have UK citizenship, you have the right to vote in the elections. This means that you can contribute to deciding who wins the elections, it would have an impact on the UK’s future as well as yours! Voting at elections is very important and although it is not compulsory, you should still vote!

The Right To A UK Passport, Allowing You To Have Unrestricted Entry To The UK

Individuals living overseas usually have to apply for visas and do additional paperwork to get entry into the UK, but once you have a UK passport, you would not need to go through any of that hassle! You would have the freedom to leave and enter the UK as you wish without having any restrictions.

No Employment Restrictions

UK citizenship comes with the flexibility of being able to work wherever you wish to! Non citizens would usually need to be sponsored to be able to work in the UK, but as a UK citizen you automatically have the right to work in the UK for as long as you are a citizen here.

Stable Government And Laws In Place

The UK is considered a safe place to live as it has many laws in place where criminals are sentenced! Some countries overseas have laws in place but no action is taken on them or the laws are relaxed, hence, it is not so safe to be living in such countries where if anything were to happen then you wouldn’t be getting any support from the government. However, the UK in this case has a stable government and laws to protect you.

Access To Government Public Funds

As a UK citizen, you have the right to access the public funds provided by the government! There are many funds available such as unemployment funds, benefits, child benefits and many more! If you are eligible for any of the public funds, you can apply for them for financial support!

Lower Tuition Fees For UK Students Rather Than International Students

If you’re currently living in the UK as a citizen as well as studying here, you will have lower tuition fees than if you were studying in the UK as an international student! International student tuition fees are generally a lot higher than a UK student, so that is yet another benefit of having UK citizenship, you can save the extra money and invest on other things in the UK instead!

Fewer Travel Restrictions

Being a UK citizen means that you would have less restrictions to travel to specific regions such as the EU even after Brexit having been completed in 2021. UK residents can travel to the EU without a visa but only for short-term stays of 90 days. Prior to Brexit, UK residents could live and work in the UK freely without needing any visas, although it has changed now, the EU and the UK came to an agreement of allowing UK residents to travel to the EU but only for short stays. However, they will have to show proof of certain documents and the fact that they will return back to the UK after their short stay in order to get entry into the EU.

Are You Interested In Becoming A UK Citizen

In the past, one of the major benefits of having a UK passport was that you could freely travel to multiple countries, but recently this has changed due to Brexit, so perhaps the UK passport won’t hold as much value as it once used to! However, there are still many more benefits of having a UK passport. Alongside benefits of UK citizenship, there are many other benefits of living in the UK which aren’t directly linked to citizenship but more so having experienced visiting the UK! This includes the landmarks, culture and cuisine in the UK! It is a very diverse country that is full of individuals from all over the world!

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